Failure is not …

Failure is not the problem a lack of faith is. Faith is the courage to try even if you fail.



I have a confession to make. I honestly hate waiting on others to do anything for me. I know that I need others to help me as the saying goes, “no man is an island” but sometimes I wish I had to capacity to do everything that I wanted to do on my own without the help of others.

As I was saying, I was waiting on someone to do something for me and I was frustrated with the process. They seem to be taking their precious time getting back to me with an answer as to when they would be available to help me. Understanding that I must work with the schedule and timing of others I waited patiently for the individual to get back to me. After I while thinking they may have forgotten, I decided to call them back and find out what was going on. The response was the same. “Oh no I haven’t forgotten you” this that and the other.

Once again I found myself right back to square one with the same result. Suddenly it dawned on me, I was waiting to move. I was waiting on someone who had me waiting before I could move forward to do what I wanted to do.

I finally decided that time was moving forward, they were moving forward giving me excuses but I was stuck waiting to move. I realized that if I didn’t make a move and go ahead and do what I had to do myself I would have been stuck waiting to move.

We can’t always sit back and wait on others at their convenience or when they feel like it to do what we have to do.

Sometimes you just have to make that decision to stop waiting to move…..and just move. There is a scripture in the bible that says, “Faith without works is dead”. Don’t kill your ability with your inability to move.

Stop waiting to move. Whatever you can do from where you are, do it, and whatever you can’t do I believe that God would take it from there.




Ahhh Thanksgiving. The time of year where we anticipate a season of all you can eat turkey, candied yams, honey glazed ham, collared greens, string beans, mustard greens, different kind of pastries and spending time with family and friends while watching some football.

Most of us love to stuff our turkeys with stuffing, whether we make it from scrap or buy a box of it from the local supermarket. After stuffing the turkey it always look so delicious with it’s golden brown covered coating and colorful vegetables as decor around the platter on which it is served.

Many of us are like that stuff turkey. We are good looking on the outside but stuffed with so much hate, bitterness, jealousy, envy, malice and negativity on the inside. We allow others to dress us up with their negative sarcasms and criticisms to the point where we become a product of what we’ve heard.

We now look at others and project those negative behavior on them that others have projected on us. We hear of their endeavors, their dreams and visions and we begin to either downsize the possibility of their potentials or we begin to tell them why it is not possible for them because of our inability to try to step out the box or our own personal failures.

Don’t allow others who are stuffed with negativity to stuff you up with negativity too.

If you are going to be filled with anything please be filled with positivity, joy, love, encouragement to others, confidence and motivation. The world has enough “haters” as it is. Don’t join the bandwagon and hurt others. Be a vigilante of peace and goodness to help those that are hurting instead.