COVER PAGE SAVEDThis is the title of my latest book that I’ve written which you can find on or you can order a copy at I wrote this book especially for children with long term illnesses such as cancer etc. It’s to give them hope to never give up and for parents to be that source of courage and strength for their children in their darkest hours, to know that there is hope… even when hope seems impossible.

A few years ago my son was very sick and had to be hospitalized. He couldn’t hold down anything at all. No water, no food, nothing at all.

It started suddenly and we didn’t really know what it was, that brought this sudden attack of chronic vomiting on. As a mother, I was used to my children getting sick, so this was nothing for me to make a major crisis of. I mean I wasn’t a new mom so I already knew pretty much what to do when my children got sick.

However, this was not the norm for my son. It was now 2 days and he was still vomiting profusely and running a low grade fever at this point. I knew I had to take him to the hospital. We took him to the hospital and after 10hrs of being in the emergency room we knew it wasn’t good. The doctors finally came and told us they were going to have to keep him.

For 9 days he was in the hospital with no signs of getting better. By this time he was Bradycardic, his blood pressure extremely low, he lost a substantial amount of weight and he looked like a zombie. His eyes were sunken in and extremely dark, his skin very pale, as he often complain about how hungry he was. He couldn’t even hold the IVY fluids in his system.

The doctors got to the point where they wanted to perform surgery, by cutting him open, to see what was wrong.

As a christian mother, I knew the power of prayer, so I prayed for my son and while he was laying in the hospital and God healed him. Suddenly, one day he asked for something to eat while laying in his hospital bed. I asked the doctors to please give him something to eat. Reluctantly they gave him something light and he ate it without throwing it up. That afternoon he had dinner with no trouble. That night, he had a snack with no problem. He was released from the hospital and from that point on he never had that problem ever again.

The story of The Angel That Touched My Head is a story about a 10yr old boy who battled a chronic long term illness. He was often bullied st school at times because of it and his twin sister had to challenge him to stand up for himself. He was often hospitalized, which caused him to ask his mother the question many of us adults ask in times of suffering….why me?.

He often wondered, if it was because of little naughty things he did that caused “God to punish him”. One day he fell and went into a coma. While in the coma a very tall man paid him a visit that changed his life for ever.

I believe in miracles. I believe in hope. I believe in possibilities and you should too. If you are a parent with a sick child or know someone with a very sick child, I encourage you to buy a copy of The Angel That Touched My Head. Read it for yourself first and through a parent’s eyes you will know what it’s like through the eyes of your child if ever they found themselves in a position of being chronically ill. It will teach other children compassion, mercy for others who are less fortunate in terms of sickness and how to appreciate our children whether they are sick or healthy.