I have a problem with order sometimes. Not breaking the rules as in going against the company’s protocol, or the churches by laws etc but always having to follow traditionalism as the only way of doing things, for it to be successful. Traditionalism has it’s place in life and for the most part, many love the traditional way of doing things, but hey, listen, we live in the twenty first century right. It appears that the theme for the twenty first century is, when in “Roman, do as the Romans do.” Trending is what most people follow today whether it’s good or bad. I mean, when you can get the President of the United States Of America taking a selfie and enjoying it….well you get my point.

It’s funny how even in between writings, someone will stop just to post on social media, something like, #writingthisblog..#butfirstletmetakeaselfie, with a picture of them writing their blog.

I too have jumped on the selfie bandwagon, often struggling time to time to get a clear good shot of myself. My kids refuses to take selfies with me. To them it is so not cool “for moms.”

 We are in the era  of “good/bad rebels” breaking the rules of what is consider success, how it looks, speaks, dress etc.  They are branding themselves and lo and behold the multitudes are loving them. I’m not a trend follower per se. I jump on the bandwagon depending on what it is. I hate following the crowd most of the times. Everyone always seem to look like, act like, talk like and be like the rest. To me it leaves little to no room for authenticity. Which makes it hard to know people’s genuine self.

        Sometimes monkey see….monkey do isn’t always good.

It takes courage to be yourself and flow in your own lane not knowing whether you will be loved, rejected, praised or thrashed. People will either love you as is, or you’ll have to make some adjustments to accommodate  who you are as a person, to their taste and liking.

And to think that you have to change who you are as a person, your taste, personality, how you dress etc for others but sometimes you have to. You have to change your appearance for certain jobs. You have to change your appearance to go to certain places to meet certain people. It is what it is. Changing these minor things isn’t changing your personality. It’s simply making temporary adjustments for the time being.

The people that are drawn to you, may very well be called to you and what your purpose is in life. 

To one person you may never be good enough for their circle or even to be in their presence. They may never see your brilliance, your creativity, your cleverness etc. To them you may be…blah, but to someone else you may be a… wowHe’s amazing. She’s amazing. They are brilliant. 

At the end of the day when you look at the history makers, they weren’t just average people. They were brilliance hidden in ordinary who  weren’t afraid to be their authentic selves. 

Sometimes you have to break the rules of tradition….in order to be triumphant.