When I first saw her, I thought to myself, wow… she’s so pretty. She was rather slim but shapely at the same time. Her braided hair, flowing casually past her shoulders, framed her small but pretty face. She had a great smile as well. 

A few months later, I sat in one of the pews in my former church only to see what appeared to be the same replica of the woman I saw, however, it wasn’t her….it was her twin. WOW! I thought to myself. Twins. They looked so much alike yet they were not identical but fraternal. As the years past, I became very close friends with these two pretty girls who would encounter some very terrible tragedies in life but would fight back and overcome until the very end.

Isn’t it amazing that strangers become friends all the time every where we go.

Like magnet that attracts metal, some how our souls seems to connect to something within others that draws us magnetically to them. 

Some say it’s divine connection.

Divine connection indeed. A divine connection that connected our hearts. She was one of the best person you could ever meet. So kind and generous though greatly misunderstood at times. She never failed to help others when they needed her the most. She’d travel far or near to help her friends. I had so much respect for her. She had a good heart. She loved hard…but her hard love… was soft. It was that softness that would cause her to be used and abused by so many throughout the years. She was generous. Maybe too generous at times. But it was just her heart. She was one of those kind…..you know the kind. The kind with the good heart that always seem to get taken advantage of. If nice girls finished last, as some say of nice guys, she’d be the nice girl that end up last.

I watched throughout the years as these sisters encountered storm after storm. The pressing  and beating of the storms of rejection. The pressing and beating of the storms of being taken advantage of. The pressing and beating of the storms of jealousy because of what God was doing in their lives.  The pressing and beating of the storms of being lied to and abandoned. The pressing and beatings of the storms of sickness, and then..the storm stopped raging for one of them. Suddenly a calm……the silence of death. Her sister has died of cancer.

And now, one sister is gone and the other one finds herself in the midst of the storm. She is thrust into motherhood having no children of her own, right after a broken engagement that led to almost being married which she canceled. She is in a new position on a new job, a new relationship, only to find out a few months later that she had a lump in her breast.

It gets worst.

She finds out the lump in her breast isn’t cancerous, but her father is diagnosed with cancer and has died. While going through the trauma of his death, she gets a phone call that her nephew has been shot, while her other brother has been hospitalized and is very sick. How much can one person bare.

While caring for her niece she suddenly finds herself in a custody battle that was uncalled for, not even 2 weeks after her father’s death.

But if you would see this beautiful woman while all this was happening to her you would know that there is a God. You see, like myself, my friend is also a christian. Her strength to stand strong and courageously in the midst of the storm doesn’t come from herself. 

God is the source of her strength. He is the strength of her life.

While the winds and the waves beat vehemently against her…she is rooted and grounded in her faith in God. She knows, that it’s nothing but the grace of God that has sustained her, comfort her, empowered her, strengthened her and has tremendously blessed life her in spite of it all.

Strength is not always in numbers per se, but strength can be found in the ones that stand alone sometimes looking the storms of life straight in the face declaring, you will not defeat me. 

Today my friend is happy. Though her life isn’t perfect and she wish many of the things she went through didn’t happen, she knows there is always a purpose to everything. She’s found love, life is good and she looks forward to seeing the great things the future has in store for. I

I pray this blog message encourages someone to know that life doesn’t have to defeat you. You can feel like you are loosing in life but if you see the good in the midst of the bad, you’ll see you’re not loosing and when it’s all over, you’ll see what you gained in spite of what you may have lost. Something good will come out of your bad situation.