It’s hard to have dreams and visions, desires to do or become but connected to the wrong people. Often times the challenge to pursue our dreams and visions, coincide with the conflict of opposition because of our associations and connections. Whether the frustrations of desires come from the stumbling blocks of constant negativity from friends or family or just our own laziness, it’s quite discouraging at times.

Excellence should be pursued but never with mediocrity as it’s partner. Mediocrity is comfortable with ease.

Sometimes we want others to join with us in the pursuit of our dreams and visions. We want them to see what we see and we hope that if they can see  what we see, they’d be supportive and encouraging…. but things don’t always work out that way.

When I wrote my first book “Even Roses Have Thorns” I thought the contents within the pages were so revelatory and brilliant that others would see what I saw.

It was quite heart breaking instead to hear all the negativism coming from people that I thought would support me. What was even worst was when the book was finally published no one that I knew brought a copy of it to even write a review for me.

It was a devastating blow that broke my heart. The people that I gave honorary mentions  to, those who I admired and respected, the ones that I felt surely were worthy of being mentioned didn’t even buy a copy.

I’ve always been the type to support and celebrate others but it wasn’t happening for me in spite of being a “supportive friend to others”.

Just because you’ve been supportive to someone over there….doesn’t mean that same action is going to be reciprocated over here. However, support is never given without a return. The Law of Reciprocity works in such a way that you’re going to reap what you sow. That’s why I strive to always do good to others.

One night I was talking to a friend. We had a few issues in our friendship a while back and I asked her…why didn’t she didn’t buy a copy of my book. I mean… that’s what friends do right? They get excited about their friends accomplishments and begin to spread the word excitedly to friends of friends.  I would think that we would want our friends to succeed.

She said to me, “I couldn’t celebrate you…. because you were doing things that I’ve never done”.

I said to her, ” I’ve always encouraged you and everyone to pursue your dreams, go for what’s in your heart and was willing to support you however which way I could”.

Her response, “I know but I guess I was too lazy and not willing to do the work”.

The frustration of our desires have to deal with these real life issues. Wanting so much for others that they don’t seem to want for themselves, or they want it but don’t want to do the work for it… while trying to pursue your dreams having to fight against oppositions and discouragements along the way..

Sometimes you become the bad person when you want more than those that are around you.

I’m reminded of the story of The Little Red Hen. No one wanted to help her with the preparations of baking the bread but everybody wanted a piece of it when it was finished. When you can’t convince others to stand with you or join with you….then you must convince them through your actions to believe that all things are possible.

Sometimes the only motivation others will eventually gain…is the passion that they see in you that turned that frustration into fruition. When they finally see you’re moving forward without them and making your dreams come through, perhaps you will be the source of courage that they never had and the confidence that they need.

Do it for you…do it for them.