One of my original poems from my  collection


I noticed you from afar you were shining brightly even in the dark
I tried to get near but had much fear your light was blinding me
It was your smile that was dazzling that wonderful personality
You were simply amazing
Your creativeness and unique ability
Yes your light was blinding me

I was bitter a bit by your confidence I couldn’t celebrate you I was a bit tense
I saw something in you that I wanted for me but your light was blinding me

Your gentleness and forgiving spirit your power to forgive others you had it
That strength that I lacked and passion and pride
The courage to stand when others would hide
Your light was blinding me

Your determination when others would quit, it was custom made for you it was your fit
You embraced your inner self never competed with others ‘your self esteem infected others
Your light was blinding me

And as the days and months and years passed by
I had to approach you I could no longer hide
So I put on my sunglasses as I drew near
I had to meet you in spite of my fears

Your brightness shines from your inner beauty
That drew me like an insect truly
That light that others saw in you
It was that light that drew me too

And as I drew near what I felt was true
Your sweetness and love was genuine too
Your light was not what was blinding me
It was just my fears and insecurities