I took this picture one day after we had a really bad snow storm. As I looked at the beauty of the snow covered dried branches that had lost their leaves because it was winter, I thought about how many times we fail to see beauty in the storms of life. Beauty does not announce itself in bad situations and say, “Hey you, it’s me beauty…over here can you see me.” No! We must train our eyes to accidentally see what we can’t see when darkness and difficulties are all around us. When beauty is seen in the storm, an accidental solution could possibly be found. Sometimes we stumble into resolutions from observing things that are wrong while not necessarily looking for a solution. There is always greatness and goodness that comes out of even the worst tragedies in life. When storms come into our lives expect unexpected out pourings of love in the aftermath. When beauty is seen in the storm; boldness, compassion, love and courage can come out of even the least expected.