It is said that no one can compete with you when you are walking in the will of God for your life and as a christian I can understand this concept. Often times we are so busy looking at others, the things they are doing, what they are accomplishing and the plateau of success they have accomplished in life, that we fail to see our own growth and progress. All apartment buildings are not built to house thousands of tenants but all are built to put a roof over our heads. Some only have 3 floors others have 50 or more. The person living on the first floor should never feel bad about being on the ground floor because being on the ground floor has an advantage over disadvantage. From the first floor you may not be able to see the beautiful views as the one on the 50th floor but in the event of a massive fire from the top coming down you’ll be more quicker to escape than the person living on the 50th floor. The next time you are incline to whine and complain about your life….have a seat in a chair, sit back and reflect on what you are grateful and thankful for, not the negative things that have happened to you. This chair is a revolving chair. It is made to turn in circles. The next time you sit back in a chair like this…don’t spin around in stress and worry. Spin around and thank God for your life because you are alive and even if things aren’t the way you desire, they are most likely better than what someone else is going through.

Leona Hollis