Who would have thought this inexpensive treat
would turn out to be such a delight to me
and convincing myself that I was weaned from chocolate
I rebuked the devil as I walked pass it
be gone Satan I said to myself
turning my head in a seducing way
didn’t know if it was tempting me
or a game we were playing
and with an insincere prayer
I said, “God please help me”
I’m tired of chocolate, those sweet sugary bits
I’ve had enough and I’m sick of it
and as if frowning and paying me no mind
I heard Ferrero Rocher say
girl cut the crap
just grab me and quit playing games
I’m feeling you too and I don’t even know your name
And like Samson I became weak as “the weakest man’
It’s the power of chocolate from candy land.

Leona Hollis