I borrowed this pic from my brother. When I saw it I thought to myself, “Wow what a powerful shot”. I tried to figure out what it was saying. The sky looked almost enraged. It looked like Mother Nature was angry or something was about to go down. The clouds seemed anxious and excited to shift; not to a position of brightness to give hope to others that morning was about to begin but rather a storm was brewing and boy…. oh boy… was it going to hit with a fury and a vengeance. Then I saw the strong, powerful rays of sunlight forcefully charging their way through the darkness taking authority over it, as if to say, “You’re time is up, you got to get outta here”. Sometimes your days are filled with darkness and hopelessness seem to be the daily meal that you eat; when all you do is cry or force a smile that disguises the pain that you hide deep inside and it’s better to lie and laugh than to tell the truth and cry because you are hurting but don’t want anyone to know…there is still hope. At times you may wonder will things get any better for my sick child, my broken marriage, my downsizing company, my hurting son or messed up daughter…yes there is still hope. When it seems like the darkness is winning and you’re ready to cave in, hold on just a little bit longer and remember that the light of hope chases away the hopeless of darkness. Your change is about to come. I don’t know when and I don’t know how…I just know it will come, perhaps when you least expect it…..never give up. KEEP HOPE ALIVE. Be encouraged and be blessed.

Leona Hollis