How many times have an idea or a thought came to your mind. I think I’ll write a book, a song, start a business, write that powerful poem etc, only to stop short of these 5-6 simply words….but what if I fail. What if others laugh at me. What if they put me down. What if they reject me. What if they criticize my efforts. Like the recess lighting that gives light to a ceiling in an empty but available space; so are we, when we have brilliant ideas that shine brightly in our minds but never manifest in our lives. Somehow we end up feeling brilliant but dull, empty and purposeless. Doing something outside of the box that’s not the “typical you” is scary. We have society to worry about whether they will accept our brilliance or not, the church at times to say whether what we are doing is “of God” and even family and friends who minimize or criticize our efforts. It is better to be brilliant and shine like a 60 watt light bulb because you stepped out the box and tried, than to shine in an empty space in your mind  but never accomplished any of your dreams in your life. An idea or a thought that is never executed leaves you brilliant but dull and empty eventually.

Leona Hollis